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Seoul Rental Property Types for Expats

  • 2020-07-15 17:57:03
  • 1435
  • Seoul Apartments, Seoul Villas, Seoul Single House.

Often when expats arrive in Seoul, Korea, they face a variety of property types. 
Most of expats choose Seoul Apartments, Seoul Villas, Seoul Officetels, Seoul Residence, Seoul Single House.
Today, I will walk you through different porperty types in Seoul along with the pros and cons. 


1. Seoul Apartments. 
Seoul Apartments are one of the most popular property types among expats. Apartments are usually in a huge apartment complex. 

1-1 Pros. 
Because Seoul Apartments are in a huge comeplex, community centers are often maintained very well. Most of the them have gym and sauna sometimes even swimming pool. Playgrounds are also huge advatage among expat families with kids. 
If you are worried about the security, apartments could be an excellent option too becuase there are secuirty managers and guards.

1-2 Cons   
If you are sensitive about privacy there could be other options becuase apartments are usually consited of more than 15 floors.  
Most importantly Seoul Apartments' landlords usually ask for a huge amount of deposit.  



2. Seoul Villas 
Seouil Villas are the most common property type in Korea. Seoul Villas are usually single buildings standing anywhere in Seoul.

2-1 Pros
Because Seoul Villas usually have no community centers, the maintenance fee are relatively cheaper. 
Also, Seoul Villa's landlord's are usually more flexable with the deposit amount. 

2-2 Cons
Seoul Villas are usually single building standing. Thus most of the time they do not have community facilities. 


3. Seoul Officetels. 
A Seoul Officetel is a property that is in between Seoul Apartments and Seoul Villas.

3-1 Pros
Seoul Officetel is a property type that is usually a single building with a commercial area. Because of its convinience it is most popular among couples and single expats. 
There are secuirty managers too so it has a secuirty guarantee. 

3-2 Cons
Seoul Officetels are usually for couples and single expats. Thus sizes are relatively smaller and may not be perfect for expat families looking for large places or expats with kids. 


4. Seoul Residence.
A Seoul Residence is a Seoul Hotel Like property where you can stay long term. 

4-1 Pros
Because Seoul Residence are located mainly at the center of Seoul, it is very convinient to reach any part of Seoul. 
Seoul Residence offers hotel-like services like breakfast, and facilities but the price is cheaper than Seoul Hotels.  

4-2 Cons
Seoul Residence is not appropriate for long term stays. 
Eventhough the price is cheaper than Seoul Hotels, rooms are smaller then other properties. 



5. Seoul Single House. 
A Seoul single house is usually a rare and luxurious property in Seoul because of its scarcity. 

5-1 Pros
Even though Seoul is a large city, due to its population, properties with a outdoor space are very rare. 
A Seoul Single House can be one of the best option for you if you are looking for a place with outdoor space with great privacy. 

5-2 Cons
Due to its scarcity, single houses are expensive in Seoul.

Also, in order to maintain a Seoul Single house to its best condition, it requires a lot of work. 


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