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서울 프랑스학교 (Seoul French School)

  • 2021-01-13 15:20:26
  • 612
  • Hannam-dong, Itaewon, UN Village, Yongsan, Samgakji, Ichon-dong, Yeouido, Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa, Jongno, City Hall, Seoul station, Gwanghwamun, Seodaemun, Mapo, Gongdeok, Sorae Village, Seoul Forest

서울 프랑스학교

(Seoul French School)


Age Group: From kindergarten to High school

Location : 7, Seorae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Foundation : 1974

Education language: French


The kindergarten:

The kindergarten program organizes the lessons in five learning areas:

mobilize language in all its dimensions
act, express oneself, understand through physical activity
act, express oneself, understand through artistic activities
build the first tools to structure one’s thinking
explore the world
Each of these five areas is essential to the development of the child and must find its place in the organization of daily time.
The primordial place of language is reaffirmed as an essential condition for the success of all. The practice of physical and artistic activities makes it possible to develop the interactions between the action, the sensations, the imagination, the sensitivity and the thought. The fields « Building the first tools to structure one’s thinking » and « Exploring the world » focus on developing a first understanding of the numbers and the first mathematical tools on the children’s environment and on eliciting questioning from them. Based on initial knowledge related to their experience, the kindergarten sets up a path that allows them to order the world around them, to access the usual representations and knowledge that the elementary school will enrich.

The elementary school and the middle school:

The program of the elementary school and the middle school provides basic knowledge and skills.
It is organized around five areas:

languages for thinking and communicating
methods and tools for learning
the training of the person and the citizen
natural systems and technical systems
representations of the world and human activity
Programs designed by cycle

cycle 2, cycle of fundamental learning (CP, CE1, and CE2)
cycle 3, cycle of consolidation (CM1, CM2 and sixth grade)
cycle 4, cycle of deepening (fifth, fourth and third grade)
The high school:

The second grade is a class of determination which makes it possible to prepare the choice of a series in the first grade.
The class of second grade includes courses that are common to all students, representing 80% of the student’s overall schedule, and two courses of exploration, including one in economics, to which optional teaching can be added.
In the first and final grade, in all series, the education programs make it possible gradually to acquire knowledge and skills enabling high school students to pass the baccalaureate exam and preparing the pursuit of a higher education.

The organization of studies allows:

the first grade to start the specialization in each series while proposing a common core of curriculum for all;
the terminal grade to strengthen the characterization of each series with a more significant weight of specific lessons.

About us:

The French School of Seoul (LFS) is an establishment agreed with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and approved for all levels from kindergarten to high school.

Founded in 1974 in Itaewon-dong, the LFS has been settled since 1981 in the Seorae-maeul district, of which it is a recognized institution today. This integration in the heart of a multicultural district of Seoul has been consolidated following the decision taken in 2016 by the Parents’ Association (APE) to maintain the establishment on the current site and to carry out extension work.
So this is a new chapter of the history of the LFS that begins to be written today, of which we are all actors. Construction work begun in April 2017 will continue throughout the school year. They will enable the school to welcome students, staff and families in new spaces more numerous, more spacious, adapted and suitable for the educational missions of our establishment in September 2018. We will also develop a culture of safety and security in the establishment.

At the same time, we will focus on maintaining and reinforcing a good-quality pedagogical and educational provision, assured by trained and committed staff, concerned with accompanying students for a successful school career.
To speak of the excellence of an institution and the success of students is, of course, to speak of the excellence of their exam results, but also of their mastery of several languages, of the construction of their training projects in higher education, of their engagement in citizen actions, or, on a daily basis, of their progress and the efforts established by all.

In the continuity of the actions carried out since several years, we must prepare, promote and accompany the future evolutions of French School of Seoul, ready to school new French, Korean and Francophone students. In that respect, the project of establishment in progress will define the policy and the action plan of the LFS for the coming years, reaffirming the status of French school open to its host country and the world.

You can count on the sense of responsibility and the total commitment of all the staff of the establishment, on our willingness to work for the sake of all, with the students and their parents, in synergy with the Bureau of Parents’ Association, the services of the French Embassy and the AEFE, partner associations and institutions.
I wish you all a good school year, full of formative experiences and memories to come.
I wish us to live, grow and build together.


Tel. 02-535-1158


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