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서울독일학교 (Deutsche Schule Seoul International)

  • 2021-01-15 13:43:53
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(Deutshche Schule Seoul International)


Age Group : From Kindergarten to High School

Location : 123-6 Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

              (서울특별시 용산구 독서당로 123-6)

Foundation : 1976

Education Language : German



Curriculum :

In close co-operation between kindergartenelementary school and secondary school, the school provides extensive all-round education similar to “regular” German schools in Germany. Students receive, after completing 9th grade, the "Certificate of Secondary Education" ("Hauptschulabschluss") and after completing 10th grade the "Certificate of Higher Secondary Education" ("Realschulabschluss"). The Certificate of Higher Secondary Education automatically includes the entrance qualification for higher education till 12th grade which leads to the qualification for university admission.

Elementary school students (1st to 4th grade) receive special attention in case certain study areas require special support, particularly in case German is not their first language. During secondary school (5th to 10th grade), the language programme intensifies; in addition to English, the students study French, Korean, or Latin. The natural sciences programme is also emphasised. In the higher secondary school (11th and 12th grade), students are prepared to take the German International Abitur exam.



About us :

In August 1976 the Verein Deutsche Schule Seoul was founded as a registered association by German speaking parents and members of the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit. The school was established on August 1 of that year. The parents who campaigned for the school were South Korea-based professionals.

Initially four elementary students were taught in a private apartment in Seoul's UN Village apartment complex. In 1976 eleven students enrolled in the school, leading the school to move to the Goethe-Institute premises. In December 1985 the school relocated to the Itaewon and in 1988 to its current location in Hannam-dong.

In 2012 DSSI was certified as "MINT freundliche Schule" due to its rich curriculum with a focus on science (mathematics, IT, science, engineering).

The German School Seoul International is a German and English-speaking international school.


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