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Luxury Apartment for rent in Central Seoul.

  • 2018-06-26 11:28:53
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Introduce the best apartment for rent in Central Seoul named Sangrimwon.

Sangrimwon is the best luxury apartment for the top 1% in Korea. All units have different interior designs and layouts. All of the interior materials are also top quality. That is why many expats would like to rent the apartment Sangrimwon. However, unfortunately there are not many apartments for rent in Sangrimwon.


The picture is the kitchen. It shows a lot of things on the table because currently tenant lives in the apartment for rent.


If you decorate the apartment with beautiful lighting, you can make gorgeous interior. I would like to say that even though it will short period of rent in Seoul, if you want a comfortable and luxury life in Seoul, The Sangrimwon will make your wishes.  


You can feel the best quality in every single small piece and decorations even in bathroom. If you rent the apartment, it will give you the better life than your home town.


All womens wishes…. Walk-in closet. Of course, many kids like this space, so you may have to find your kids in this space many times if you have a kid.


In my experience, most of expat in Korea needs a office space at home because they may need to work with their own country where has different time. Please look and visit here, you can find the perfect rent apartment in seoul.


Can you image what these are? This is the storage for each unit in the basement. The Sangrimwon has the best storage and it is the best apartment for rent in Seoul. The entire storage automatically adjusts temperature and humidity to maintain the best conditions to protect the items stored in the storage. The system of this storage has a system like an art museum storehouse. Therefore, it provides a perfect environment that can be stored in a storage safely with expensive art objects and objects that are vulnerable to moisture or temperature.


The Sangrimwon is located in Center of Seoul, so it is really easy to access. It is very important for foreigner who rent the apartment in Seoul. Even though the Sangrimwon is located in center of Seoul, it has a lot of greens around the complex.


It is another unit has a huge balcony. Some expat would like to have a BBQ party with friends but they do not have a place apartment for rent, so they should rent a BBQ place seperately. However, the huge balcony may give tou small BBQ party at home. Also the Sangrimwon has a common party place, so you can use the place.


A comfortable bedroom with a huge balcony. If you rent an apartment in Seoul for comfortable and luxury, that is the Sangrimwon.


The living room is connected to the balcony, so it you open the window, it looks one really big living area. It is one of the best rental apartment in Seoul.


Different style bathroom. All interior material is the top quality. You cannot meet this quality in any apartment in Seoul for rent.


Of course, Sangrimwon has a gym in the apartment, so all residents are free to use it freely.



The Sangrimwon is the best apartment for rent in Seoul. The location is perfect and the quality is perfect and maintain is perfect. 







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