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주한 외국대사관 및 외국기업 주재원들과 그 가족을 대상으로 입국부터 생활 그리고 출국까지 타국 거주에 아무런 불편을 느끼지 않도록, 외국인이 낯선 한국땅에 적응하기 위한 주거와 생활에 필요한 모든 것을 지원하는 종합정착서비스입니다.

1) 출입국 관리 visa service etc.
♦비자 및 입국 수속 절차 브리핑 및 컨설팅
♦비자 신청, 외국인 등록증, 거소 등록 대행
♦입국 수속을 위한 서비스 제공
♦Briefing and consulting visa and immigration process 
♦Assisting in visa application, foreigner registration, change of registered information
♦Providing necessary service for entry 

2) 주택임차 Home Finding

♦근무자의 통근거리를 고려한 주택 안내
♦합리적인 임대가격 협상 및 임차권 검토
♦계약 가능한 주택 투어 및 물리적 실사 
♦계약 및 전후 관련 서비스 제공
♦Suggesting optimal area and property considering clients’ commuting distance 
♦Negotiating rent and reviewing the right of lease 
♦Walk-through of available property 
♦Providing detailed assist in the process of contract

3) 입주 및 퇴거 Moving In & Out

♦이사업체 선정 및 진행과정 관리
♦새로운 거주자의 수입 통관 및 운송, 정리 
♦관련 일정과 서류 제공 
♦Listing and recommending moving companies and managing the moving process
♦Freight, entry, and arrangement of items for newcomers 
♦Briefing the schedule and providing related documents 

4)국내정착지원  Settling-in and Living Support 

♦자녀들을 위한 외국인 학교 상담 및 방문
♦쇼핑센터 방문, 교통, 문화생활 정보 
♦금융업무대행, 통신 관련 지원 서비스 
♦의료, 보험 지원 업무, 문화체험 및 관광 
♦Arranging meetings with foreign schools for clients who have school-age children 
♦Visiting shopping centers, providing information for transportation and cultural life
♦Assisting in banking, medical service, health insurance, and finding on the communication service provider 
♦Cultural experience and sightseeing 




AtSeoul logistics team is your reliable partner, taking care of your relocation by land, sea or air. Using our elaborate global network, we offer door to door service. Before you definitely decide to hire us, we’ll accurately describe the possibilities, costs and customs procedures without any obligations. 
By Sea
In general most of people use this way to ship goods overseas. If you have a lot of household goods and personal effects it is better for you to send by sea.
In order to proceed your move you need to ask for a survey and then a surveyor will check out your goods and prepare for a quote. But if you have a small amount of goods please send us an email with a list of your goods and then we will be able to send you a quote based on the information we receive from you.
By Air
If you want to receive your goods faster or your shipment is a small amount of shipment it is the best way to ship overseas.
There are two ways to calculate costs. Actual weight and volume weight.
In general, airliners take bigger weight. 
If you want to get a quote, just let us know the total weight and size of each box and then you can receive a quote.

Door to Door
 From packing to delivery to your residence we do take care of all procedures including customs. Most of people take this way.
Door to Port
 If you are experienced about customs at destination you can take this way. Once shipment arrives at the destination port you have to take care of all procedures from customs, port charges and delivery.
Port to Door
 Once you pack up your goods and send to our warehouse we will take care of the rest of your move. If you have a small amount of shipment and your goods are not breakable this will be good for you.

Destination Service in Korea
1. Customs in Korea.
In general, once a shipment arrives in Korea it will take one week in order to clear customs and make a delivery done. We have customs regulations in order to clear customs, which depends on a customer's status.
   For a foreigner with a work VISA,
   A. A copy of passport
   B. A copy of alien card (if not it is possible to send us a copy of certificate of application for alien card)
   C. Moving Declaration Form (will be sent to a customer)
   D. A copy of Power of Attorney (will be sent to a customer)
   E. Bill of Lading (OBL is not necessary)
   F. A copy of Packing list
  For a contractor or USFK Personal under SOFA status,
   A. A copy of passport
   B. USFK customs declaration form (a customer can find it in a US base in Korea)
   C. Moving Declaration From
   D. A copy of Power of Attorney
   E. Bill of Lading
   F. A copy of Packing list
2. Best POE/AOE in Korea
    For a sea shipment the best POE is Busan, Korea but sometimes Incheon would be better. For this it is necessary to discuss further.
    For air shipment Incheon international airport is the best AOE.
3. Destination Service
    A. General Service-Pick up a container from a port, Customs Clearance, Destination THC, Inland Trucking, Door delivery(not full unpacking and setting service). We just unpack and set up big items such as furniture, TV and making boxes in place.
    B. Full Unpacking and Setting Service- we take care of all procedures, so a customer does not need to anything on delivery day.
♦ Exceptions-Customs Storage, Tax or duty if any, Customs inspections if any, Stair carry, Shuttle service, Ladder Crane( In Korea most of people in cities live in an apartment, so we have to use a ladder crane, which save time and easy to work, which can help delivery in good shape.