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Property type

  • 2018-03-20 09:51:01
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Property type

- Apartments 

The most popular type of housing in Korea, apartment is residence with five or more floors. There is two types of apartments. One is only residence and the other has within the complex basic convenience facilities like supermarket, fitness center and so on. 

- Villas 

The villas are lower than five floors housing blocks with guards. They are usually larger than averaged apartments. Many of them in the international districts are designed and built for the foreign tenants. Some of the villas have their court yards. 

- Officetel 

It is a complex word that combines the words ‘office’ and ‘hotel’. It refers to buildings that are built for both accommodation and business. Many of equipped with appliances and underground parking. 

- Single family houses   

Like its names implies, single family houses are houses that are built for a single household on housing site. In urban downtown areas, it is hard to come across single family houses.

- One room 

It is a studio type apartment or villa. There is not enough parking place and affordable housing options for singles and students. 


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