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News in Seoul 전체 ( 29 )

브라이튼 한남 하이엔드 오피스텔

  • 2021-08-31 10:34:57
  • 355
  • Wonho Kwak

디벨로퍼 신영의 자회사인 신영한남동개발PFV가 드디어 서울 용산구 한남동 90-4 일대에 하이엔드 주거상품 "브라이튼 한남"을 선보입니다.

"Urban Loft, Gentle Living"

한강을 담은, 자연을 닮은집.

브라이튼 한남.

Upscale Urban Life.

한강과 남산을 품은 어반 라이프.


브라이튼 한남 …


몬트레아한남 하이엔드 오피스텔 공급정보

  • 2021-04-13 12:34:25
  • 1084
  • Rachel Song

안녕하세요 ~!

따뜻한 봄 바…


Cozy and Clean Single House in Seoul, Korea

  • 2020-12-14 10:43:27
  • 2251
  • Scott Lee

Hi this is Scott Lee from AtSeoul Real-Estate Consulting Inc.

Today. let me introduce a cozy and clean single house in Seoul, located near Seoul Foreign School, Yeonhui-dong.

Korea, is a small country with a lot of population. Thus the most common residential property is an apartment.

Whereas apartment is commonly found all around Seoul, single houses are rather hard to find.

This Single House is located near SFS, Seoul Foreign School.

As you ca…


The most useful Apps in Korea

  • 2020-11-12 17:26:39
  • 1409
  • Becky Kim

Here are 9 apps that will definitely be useful for people that are planning on coming to Korea, no matter the length of the stay. So get your phones loaded and ready.

1. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is an absolute must-have. Ask any foreigners living in Seoul, and you will discover that KakaoTalk is the epicenter of their social lives. Everyone and anyone has this app in Korea, as it is the go-to messaging service for samrtphone users in the country. It is an outstanding app th…


Itaewon Villa with a Terrace, Clean Interior, Breathtaking View.

  • 2020-11-10 13:10:13
  • 1559
  • Scott Lee

Hi. This is Scott Lee from AtSeoul Real-Estate Consulting.

Today, I would like to introduce a beautiful villa with a terrace located in Iatewon, Hannam-dong, Seoul, Korea.

This Villa has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a modern and clean interior.

It is located nearh Grand Hyatt Seoul.

With the Covid-19 situation throughout the globe, demands at the properties with outside area are busrting.





Where to stay in Seoul, Korea? Seoul Hotels? Seoul Residence? Today, I will run you through different types of Seoul Residence and Seoul Hotels.

  • 2020-09-10 15:04:17
  • 1745
  • Scott Lee

Where to stay in Seoul. Korea? Seoul Hotel? Seoul Residence?

Today I will run you through different types of Seoul Residence and Seoul Hotels.

1. Seoul, Korea Hotels.

Seoul Korea Hotels, usually have better facility then most of the Seoul, Korea Residence.

For business trips, Seoul, Korea Hotels would be more adapt to the purpose of visit.

Seoul, Korea Hotels Usually have facilities like gym, swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, bars, and meeting rooms. More

Mart, Market, Store.... Where should I go....

  • 2020-08-11 16:14:10
  • 1632
  • Wonho Kwak

Grocery Shopping (Mart) in Korea (Seoul) Where I can buy a vegetable? Where I can buy an egg? You can easily find the mart near your house. A commercial area is far from a residential area in some of the countries, so it is very hard to buy only an egg. However, there is a convenience store. I would like to introduce grocery shopping in Korea. You can grocery shopping in a department store, Supermarket, small mart in town (not convenience store), and traditional Korean market. You can…


Seoul Rental Property Types for Expats

  • 2020-07-15 17:57:03
  • 1900
  • Scott Lee

Often when expats arrive in Seoul, Korea, they face a variety of property types.
Most of expats choose Seoul Apartments, Seoul Villas, Seoul Officetels, Seoul Residence, Seoul S…


One of most Frequent asked Question: General management Fee.

  • 2020-07-08 16:39:10
  • 1758
  • Ryan

One of most Frequent asked Question: General management Fee of Apartment in seoul.

Living in different culture is not easy. When you move to foreign country for long term stay, you must choose your residence.

When you are looking for the residence in South Korea, you probably face with new type of housing expense, general management fee of apartment …



  • 2020-05-29 09:54:38
  • 1721
  • Hur Sung Hwa


Haebangchon(Hangul: 해방촌 Hanja: 解放村; fromhaebang, "freedom or liberation" +chon, "village"), sometimes abbreviated asHBC, is a district of Yongsan-gu, inSeoul, South Korea. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in central Seoul. It is also known as the neighborhood at the foot ofNamsan(남산자락).[1]The neighborhood…


Information about Yongsan-gu

  • 2020-05-28 11:14:14
  • 2152
  • Hur Sung Hwa

Yongsan District(Korean:용산구,romanized:Yongsan-gu) is one of the 25districtsofSeoul,South Korea.

Yongsan has a population of 313,814 (2010) and has a geographic area of 17.6km2(8.4sq mi), and is divided into 19dong(adminis…


Nine One Hannam, one of the most luxurious apartments in Korea

  • 2020-05-27 11:41:46
  • 14918
  • Hur Sung Hwa

Nine One which is located in Hannam was originally a foreign apartment used by families of U.S. soldiers working at the Yongsan Garrison as their private residence, consisting of a five-story villa complex, a high-rise apartment building, an outdoor swimming pool and a barbecue area.

However, the foreign apartment was put up for sale in 2016 in line with the relocation of the U.S. military base. In response, Daeshin F&I, a real estate investment company affiliated with Daeshin…


Luxury Apartment for rent in Central Seoul.

  • 2018-06-26 11:28:53
  • 3130
  • AtSeoul

Introduce the best apartment for rent in Central Seoul named Sangrimwon.

Sangrimwon is the best luxury apartment for the top 1% in Korea. All units have different interior designs and layouts. All of the interior materials are also top quality. That is why many expats would like to rent the apartment Sangrimwon. However, unfortunately there are not many apartments for rent in Sangrimwon. The picture is the kitchen. It shows a lot of things on the table be…


외국인 렌트 전문 앳서울컨설팅입니다. ( 작은 상업공간을 소개해 드립니다.)

  • 2018-05-31 12:09:20
  • 2721
  • AtSeoul

안녕하세요 외국인 렌트 전문 부동산 앳서울 컨설팅입니다. 많은 분들이 앳서울 컨설팅은 외국인 렌트만을 중개하는 업체로 알고 계시는데요.

Hello, this is AtSeoul Global Realty. Many people think that AtSeoul Realty does only help to find the properties for rent in Seoul.

저희는 외국인 렌트뿐만 아닌, 매매, 분양, 상가 중개도 하고 있습니다.

However, we do not only for rent but also forsale, and …


Nice view and luxury Single family house in UN village for rent. (유엔빌리지의 단독 주택 외국인 렌트 물건을 소개합니다. ) - rent in Seoul

  • 2018-05-17 10:33:28
  • 3841
  • AtSeoul

This house is located in UN village, Hannam-dong and it is for rent.

The house is 2 storied building and all windows face to south direction where is river view

AtSeoul global Realty Services Inc. always try to offer the highest quality of properties for rent and sale in Seoul.


Introduce Shindang-dong villa for rent in seoul

  • 2018-05-08 16:24:03
  • 2270
  • AtSeoul

신당동에 위치한 외국인 렌트 전용 빌라를 소개해 드립니다. 신당동이 행정구역상 중구로 편입이 되어 시내와 가깝운데 본 물건은 한남동에 붙어있는 신당동으로 남산 자락에 위치하고 있습니다.

I would like to villa in Shindang-dong for rent in Seoul. Shindang-song is in Jung-gu where is the down town, so the loaction is close to the down town and the villa is next to the Hannam-dong and located near Namsan.


Good condition Single Family house in Hannam-dong

  • 2018-04-17 10:21:55
  • 2681
  • AtSeoul

This is a single family house in Hannam dong for rent.

The location is really easy to access and security is good because there are many Embassies located neighbor.


The Hannam The Hill for Jeonse. (한남더힐 전세 물건을 소개해 드립니다. )

  • 2018-04-12 10:03:47
  • 4656
  • AtSeoul

한남동 한남더힐 85평형 전세매물을 소개해 드립니다.

I would like to introduce Hannam The hill for Jeonse which is 85 pyeong unit.

한남더힐은 많은 분들이 관…


Introduce the apartment in Hannam The Hill.

  • 2018-04-09 13:41:46
  • 14006
  • AtSeoul

I would like to introduce the luxery apartment in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

This apartment complex consists of 600 hundreds units which is not too many.

However, the site is reall large and many facilities such as swimming pool, gym, library and so onare inside of…


Orange cube house in Hannam

  • 2018-04-04 13:29:39
  • 2578
  • AtSeoul

Orange cube House

I would like to introduce the house made by container for freight.

It was not using recycle container, the container used special one.

The orange cube house is located in Hannam-dong in Seoul and all units are available for rent.



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