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Good condition Single Family house in Hannam-dong

  • 2018-04-17 10:21:55
  • 4923
  • Apartment in Seoul, rent in Seoul, 외국인 렌트, realty, 렌트, 임대

This is a single family house in Hannam dong for rent.


The location is really easy to access and security is good because there are many Embassies located neighbor.   



All floor is luxury wooden floor and pattern is the heritage wooden floor. 



It is the first floor but looks like the second floor because the basement and parking lot is the first floor. Now it is a little hard to find a single family house for rent in Hannam dong because many landlord re-constructs the single family house to a villa or an apartment. 



The bedroom has installed wardrobe and wooden floor. 




Simple and clean shower booth and sink. 



Going up !!!



Even this house is located in Hannam-dong, it shows the mountain view and you can see the whole southern part of Seoul on the roof. 


It is a family room in the second floor. It is one of gorgeous single family house for rent in Hannam-dong.



The room is almost same with one in the first floor. 



View in the balcony of the single family house. 



This bathroom has shower booth and bathtub.



It is the rooms next to the parking garage. Other single family house in Hannam-dong has a parking garage and this kind of big reception room. However, all others are a little dark but it is not dark. 



I like this space.....


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question or need more information. 



AtSeoul Consulting Global Services. 


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