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Orange cube house in Hannam

  • 2018-04-04 13:29:39
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  • Apartment in Seoul, rent in Seoul, 외국인 렌트, realty, 렌트, 임대

Orange cube House


I would like to introduce the house made by container for freight. 


It was not using recycle container, the container used special one. 


The orange cube house is located in Hannam-dong in Seoul and all units are available for rent. 



The building is 4 storied and has 4 types of unit. Now this build is a landmark in this area in Hannam-dong, Seoul. 


It is available to rent for long-term period or short-term period. The landlord posted on the Air-bnb and many people like it. 


Inside of the unit, all unit is furnished. however, it is not like a hotel. 


 There is two duplex style units. One is that the bedroom is located in up floor and the other is down floor.



The architect of this build is famous professor of the university in Korea and it shows his style.  


 All unit has big window, so it is very bright. 

Seoul is very expensive region in Korea, so a building is located very close each other. 

As a result, some of building does not have enough light even though day time and having big window. 

You can feel different Itaewon and Hannam-dong in Seoul if you rent the apartment. 


 The bathroom is a pretty small because it made by a container. 

However, it has everything inside. 


Also all unit has balcony. It may give you special. 


 Down floor bedroom. Orange cube in Hannam-dong for rent


 Very bright room in Orange cube apartment in Hannam-dong for rent.


 It is kitchen and living in two bedroom unit.






The top of the building is using only one unit and it is also duplex style. 


 Very bright room and living area. 




 This unit has two balcony and one is a large balcony, so you can have a small party here. 

 In the balcony, you can see the Namsan park and it is really beautiful especially spring and summer time. It is a good advantage in Itaewon and Hannam-dong in Seoul. 

That is why many foreigners like this area and rent an apartment in Hannam-dong.


 Cozy and clean kitchen.

Another bedroom is in second floor. 


Thank you, 


Please contact me if you have a question. 



+82 2 310 9009


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