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Moving in Seoul, Korea

  • 2018-03-20 12:14:23
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AtSeoul logistics team is your reliable partner, taking care of your relocation by land, sea or air. Using our elaborate global network, we offer door to door service. Before you definitely decide to hire us, we’ll accurately describe the possibilities, costs and customs procedures without any obligations.

Destination Service in Korea

1. Customs in Korea.
    In general once a shipment arrives in Korea it will take one week in order to clear customs and make a delivery done. We have customs regulations in order to clear customs, which depends on a customer's status.

   For a foreigneer with a work VISA,
   A. A copy of passport
   B. A copy of allien card(if not it is possible to send us a copy of certificate of application for allien card)
   C. Moving Declaration Form( will be sent to a customer)
   D. A copy of Power of Attorney( will be sent to a customer)
   E. Bill of Lading(OBL is not necessary)
   F. A copy of Packing list

  For a contractor or USFK Personal under SOFA status,
   A. A copy of passport
   B. USFK customs declaration form( a customer can find it in a US base in Korea)
   C. Moving Declaration From
   D. A copy of Power of Attorney
   E. Bill of Lading
   F. A copy of Packing list

Best POE/AOE in Korea
    For a sea shipment the best POE is Busan, Korea but sometimes Incheon would be better. For this it is necessary to discuss further.
    For air shipment Incheon international airport is the best AOE.

Destination Service
    A. General Service-Pick up a container from a port, Customs Clearance, Destination THC, Inland Trucking, Door delivery(not full unpacking and setting service). We just unpack and set up big items such as furniture, TV and  making boxes in place.
    B. Full Unpacking and Setting Service- we take care of all procedures, so a customer does not need to anything on delivery day.

    Exceptions-Customs Storage, Tax or duty if any, Customs inspections if any, Stair carry, Shuttle service, Ladder Crane( In Korea most of people in cities live in an apartment, so we have to use a ladder crane, which save time and easy to work, which can help delivery in good shape. 


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